Sighthound Greyhound

Male     28-30 inches     65-70 lbs

Female 27-28 inches    60-65 lbs

Life expectancy  10-13 yrs

A very ancient tall slender smooth coated hounds built for speed and have keen eyesight.

Able to reach speed of 40 mph

There are NGA ( racing) and AKC (show) varieties

They are known to be gentle, loyal and loving. However many can have a prey drive and cannot be around small animals ( cats or small dogs). They have minimal grooming requirements due to short coat but regular nail trims and dentals are a must. Known as 45 mph “couch potatoes” they do need regular scheduled exercise. They have a sensitive personality and need a gentle approach in training.They are very affectionate with families and can sometimes be reserved with strangers.


Sighthound Borzoi 1

Male    28 inches and more               75-105 lbs.

Female 26 inches and more              60-85 lbs.

Life expectancy     9- 14 yrs.

A slender long coat hound built for speed and have keen eyesight.

Large elegant sighthounds previous known as Russian Wolfhounds.

Since they have long coats they will shed, so regular grooming and nail trims are a must.

Daily exercise in long walks or running off leashed in enclosed area. They will chase anything that moves. Independent and very intelligent can make training a challenge. They are very gentle mannered companions. They are loyal affectionate and regally dignified.


Sighthound Afghan

Males and females 25-17 inches      50-60 lbs

Life expectancy 12-18 yrs

They are known for their elegant beauty with their long thick silky flowing coat.

Grooming requires several hours per week of brushing to keep coats tangle and mat free. They will shed.

Afghans need long runs for exercise. Never off leash and they are excellent jumpers so a tall secure fence is required.

They are independent, dignified and aloof but when bonded to a human are extremely affectionate. No amount of training will have them break off a high speed chase.


Sighthound Whippet 3 1

Male 19-22 inches                 24-40 lbs.

Female 18-21 inches              24-40 lbs.

Life expectancy 12-15 yrs.

Whippets love to stretch and relax for hours in between bursts of intense pursuit.

They are great apartment dogs as long as they get several vigorous play sessions per week.

They must be leashed when not in a fenced area.

They have a short smooth coat requiring little maintenance but regular nail trims.

They are sprinter by nature. They are a robust low maintenance calm hound as long as they receive regular exercise.


Sighthound Saluki 3

Males 23-28 inches and females are much smaller

40-60 lbs.

Life expectancy 10-17 yrs.

One of the oldest hunting breeds. They are swift and agile sprinters.

They are gentle, dignified, independent but loyal pet.

There are 2 types feather and smooth – weekly brushing is need for both types.

Regular exercise such as daily leashed walks or a fenced yard to run are needed. They can be escape artists and can be destructive chewers if bored or unhappy. They can benefit greatly from crate training, obedience training and canine sports.


Sighthound ItalianGreyhound 2

Male and females 13-15 inches   7-14 lbs

Life expectancy 14-15 yrs

They are playful, alert and sensitive dogs.

They require daily teeth brushing and yearly dentals to maintain dental health.
They have a very short smooth coats that doesn’t require much grooming.

Regular nail trims are needed.

They require regular exercise and must be on leash when not in a fenced in area. They will chase small animals if given the chance. Reward based training works best.


Sighthound Galgo 2

Male  26 inches             60-65 lbs

Female   25 inches         50-55 lbs

Life expectancy    12-15 yrs

Ancient sighthound breed used for hunting in Spain. They are endurance runners.

They come in smooth and rough coats.

More than 90% can live with cats.

Almost all galgos are friendly towards other breeds of dogs and children. They have a very similar temperament to greyhounds. They are very gentle. They need a fenced area to run or long walks for exercise. They are fairly health and can be sensitive to anesthesia.  Galgos need yearly dentals and routine name trims.


Sighthound Lurcher

28-30 inches                55-70 lbs

Life expectancy  8-15 yrs

A lurcher has one parent who is  a sighthound ( usually a greyhound) and the other parent can be any breed, usually breed with coonhounds, pastoral dogs or terriers.

They are swift, athletic hunting or underground racing dogs. Many have webbed feet and can swim well.

They are low maintenance, obedient, couch potatoes, playful and general healthy dog.

They make great companion or family pets.

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